How to Apply for the Cerulean Credit Card

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How to Apply for the Cerulean Credit Card – You may be impressed to know that the Cerulean Credit Card accepts applicants who have good credits and as well as those with bad credit. This card actually works in a unique way and applicants may not have to put down a security deposit before they can get started. However, if you haven’t received a pre-qualified offer in the mail then you don’t need to bother yourself applying because one of the criteria given by Cerulean is that you must have received the pre-qualified offer in the mail before you will be eligible. All you have to do is wait for your turn. All re-qualified applicants are a special reservation number and it will be used during the application process. The only way to get the re-qualified email if you haven’t gotten yours is to contact the issuer of this card who happens to be the Continental Finance. In as much as there are high points of this credit card, there are also its low points. One of them is that it comes with an initial credit limit that ranges from $400 to $750. You may rightly agree with me that most credit cards in North America have a lower credit limit than $400 to $750 but I criticize the limit given by Cerulean Credit Card because it is still low and as well not enough to make purchases. All you need to do if you have bad/poor credit is to make few purchases in the month so as to avoid plugging yourself into the precarious credit line. Another downside of this credit card is that it does not offer any kind of rewards to applicants. No matter how good this credit card may be, for its failure to give rewards to its cardholder makes it a bit frustrating because most credit cards out there give out rewards to its applicants/cardholders.

How to apply for the Cerulean Credit Card

Applying for this card isn’t a difficult task. If you have received a pre-approved qualification offer in the mail then you are eligible to apply for Cerulean Credit Card and for that you can visit the card issuer’s website which is Continental Fiance and enter your reservation number. If you have not gotten or received the received a pre-approved qualification offer and you are in dime need of this card then you need to contact Continental Finance who is the card’s issuer and you will be guided with the things you need to do to get this card Then go to the application page and enter your full name, social security number, date of birth, physical address (no P.O. Box), estimated gross monthly income. All the information you entered will be verified by continental finance who is the issuer of this card on behalf of Bank of Missouri. It takes around 30 days for the approval of your card to be done but in most cases, it comes faster if there are no backlogs. However, the time for approval may extend beyond 30 days in extreme circumstances especialy when there is a delay or an error.

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