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Cerulean Credit Card is one of the top cards issued by Continental Finance and it is meant for those who have poor credits. Unlike other credit cards out there that charge high or exorbitant fees, Cerulean Card fees aren’t as high as others. This card is issued by The Bank of Missouri but serviced by Continental Finance Company. Applicants or cardholders are required to pay an initial annual fee of $75 and after the first year and subsequently, there will be asked to pay for its monthly servicing fee.

Card Fees and Features

  • This card has a fair share of fees.
  • Its annual fee is $75
  • The monthly fee of using this card is $12
  • Its APR goes for 29.9%
  • You will be charged for its monthly servicing fees
  • The monthly fee for this credit card is $12 per month.
  • You will be charged for carrying a balance on your card, paying late, or exceeding your credit card.
  • You will be charged if you want to raise their credit limit.
  • Chard holders are to pay an annual percentage rate. The Cerulean Credit Card APR is 29.9%.
  • It has a very high-interest rate
  • Cardholders will be charged fees for carrying a balance

Benefits of using this credit card

a. This credit card is rated as the Best Credit Cards for Bad Credit
b. It will help consumers to bring changes to their bad credit
c. You can easily make purchases using this card and its online services are wonderful
d. If you are using the unsecured card then you do not have to pay any deposit.
e. Those who are not verified will be issued secured card and that requires that you make a deposit
f. When you get scores on your credit card then you will have the chance of having your deposited refunded back to you.
g. You can use this credit card online to make payment and access its online benefits, features, and pros.
h. It is rated high by many experts in credit card fields.

How to apply for this card

You need to receive a mail offer before you will be listed among those that can be issued with this card. But if you have not been issued with the mail then you are not qualified. If you want to apply for Cerulean Credit Card then you need to call their toll-free at 1-866-449-4514 and request the mailing offer be sent to you.

Why and how to register your credit card online

There are a lot of highlights of using this card online and it comes when you register your credit card account. When you get your card enrolled for online access then you can comfortably pay for credit card bills directly from your phone or computer and from the comfort of your room or office. Also when you enroll, you will be able to receive online statements without paying for any additional cost. It gives you the opportunity to view recent transactions that were done in your account and as well view your previous statements. Among other things, you can view your balance through the portal set up your profile and others.

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